Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do e-teeoff Golf Vouchers work?
A. Each voucher entitles two golfers to play for the price of one standard visitor green fee.
Q. Which Golf Clubs accept e-teeoff Golf Vouchers?
A. The website details over 900 golf courses that do accept the vouchers, spread across the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland.
Q. How long are e-teeoff Golf Vouchers valid for?
A. Every voucher purchased is valid for at least 12 months from the date of purchase.
Q. How many vouchers can I buy?
A. There is no minimum or maximum number of vouchers that can be purchased. Any number of vouchers from 1 to as many as you require are available from the e-teeoff website.
Q. I do not have internet access, can I buy e-teeoff Golf Vouchers by telephone?
A. Yes. The e-teeoff office is open from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm except Bank Holidays. The telephone contact number is 01525 876344. 
Q. How many people can play together using e-teeoff Golf Vouchers?

For each voucher that you use, two golfers can play for the price of one standard visitor green fee. Two vouchers will be required for four players, three for six players and four vouchers for eight players.

Only with prior agreement with the venue, can more than eight golfers play together using e-teeoff Golf Vouchers.
Q. How do I book a Tee Time?
A. Search for a golf club that accepts e-teeoff vouchers on the website. Telephone the selected Club and book your start time directly with the club. You must tell the club that you will be using e-teeoff Golf Vouchers at the time of booking.
Q. What times can I book?
A. Every Club that accepts e-teeoff Golf Vouchers has a schedule shown on the e-teeoff website that details when vouchers are acceptable at that course. All bookings at all courses are subject to availability.
Q. Will I need a Handicap Certificate?
A. Some Clubs do require a Handicap Certificate. The information relating to this can be found on the e-teeoff website page for each club.
Q. Are there any other aspects I need to know about?
A. Every Golf Club will have its own local and individual club rules for things such as dress code and for dealing with occurrences on the golf course at each venue. Users of e-teeoff Golf Vouchers should ensure that they comply with the dress code of the venues they visit, both on and off the course, and also follow the Rules of Golf and any appropriate Local Rules whilst at a particular venue.
Q. Why are e-teeoff Golf Vouchers accepted at such a wide range of golf clubs?
A. e-teeoff is the ONLY national Golf Voucher scheme in the UK that is operated by the golf venues on which you play. The profits from the sale of e-teeoff golf vouchers are distributed back to the golf venues that support the vouchers, helping to keep those venues profitable, which provides the resources for the maintenance and improvement of those venues.
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